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Why Buy? Borrow!

Only need something for a short time? Just borrow it, reuse & save the environment.
Borrow anything from Books to Bicycles to DSLR Camera to Party Supplies & more.
Connect with verified, trustworthy lenders & access hundreds of rental listings for FREE!
Just rent online & get hassle-free delivery at your doorstep.

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Borrow or Rent bags in India

Why buy bulky luggage for ₹ 5,000?

Borrow it for trip for ₹ 90

Lend Bicycle

Why sell your bicycle secondhand for ₹ 2,500?

Lend it and earn ₹ 500 per day

Why Sell? Lend!

Not using something for a few days? Rent it out & get paid!
Be it Travel Luggage Bags, Baby Furniture or your Handyman Tools - lend anything!
Start your rental business! List items for FREE and lend to verified & trusted borrowers.
Opt for door-to-door pick-up & delivery or do it all yourself.

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Why Trust Strangers?

Our unique copyrighted 'CThrough' algorithm auto calculates trust scores for every user.
Access user reviews, trust ratings & references to get a complete picture of someone’s trustworthiness.
We carefully review & document the condition of products.
This ensures everything is perfect to the edges before and after the transaction.

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Lend Handyman Tools

Why sell your tools secondhand for ₹ 1,000?

Lend them and earn ₹ 300 per day

Laptop for rent in India

Why buy expensive Laptop for ₹ 30,000?

Borrow it for assignment for ₹ 1,500

What is helps connect the lenders and borrowers to facilitate rental of used goods.
We take care care of the logistics and manage door to door pickup & deliveries.
We help you build trust & take every step to ensure your transaction goes perfectly well.

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" Awesome service. Quick delivery. Saved me from buying a calculator for my exams."

Deepak Mishra

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" Borrowed a camera for my 5 day trip. Quality product was delivered. Saved me a lot of money."

Sunidhi Paul

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