• Privacy

  • Do I need to share my credit card details?

    yBuySell does not ask for your credit card details. All payments are made via the secure servers of PayU Money for your convenience where you have the option of paying via any payment method of your choice.

  • Is it safe to link my social media accounts to increase my Trustability Score?

    yBuySell follows a very strict Privacy Policy. When connecting to your social media profile, our algorithm does not look at the content of your statuses or comments or pictures. Our algorithm connects to users' social media only to differentiate between genuine and fake users. Also, we do not share any information with third parties vendors.

  • Borrowers

  • How do I start borrowing?

    Borrowing on yBuySell is as easy as online shopping. Just look for the item you need, negotiate the rent with the lender and click on ‘Get Delivery’.

  • How do I make a payment?

    yBuySell offers its user the yBank facility. Simply add money to your yBank and use it to pay rents, deposits and also, at a later date, to shop on other website.

  • Can I check the item before borrowing it?

    Yes! yBuySell urges borrowers to ask for exact details about the condition of the item prior to confirming the transaction with the lender. Also check the Condition Report for every item listed online, which should give you a fair idea about its condition. As a precaution, the yBuySell team also checks the condition of the product at the time of pickup to avoid any conflicts.

  • Can I negotiate the rent with the Lender?

    Yes! We suggest you discuss and negotiate the rent as well as the deposit amount (if any) with the lender prior to confirming the transaction. This will help in getting you the best possible rental deal also helping in arriving at the fair rental value of the item.

  • What if I mistakenly damage the item?

    Throughout the duration the transaction, the safety and sanity of the item are the responsibility of the borrower. In case of any damage to the item, the lender is entitled to receiving part or entire amount of the deposit collected depending on the extent of the damage. In addition to this, a negative review by the lender shall seriously impact your reputation score affecting your future transactions.

  • Is the transaction legally protected?

    Yes, for all practical purposes the transaction is legally protected. In case of a dispute yBuySell shall share all details regarding the transaction with appropriate authorities. Please read terms & conditions here.

  • When does the rental period start?

    The rental period starts from the date the item is delivered to you (borrower).

  • How do I return the item?

    At the end of the transaction period, yBuySell will pickup the item from you and return it to the lender. Alternatively, you can choose to deliver the item to the lender yourself at the end of the transaction period.

  • What is yBuySell’s role?

    yBuySell provides a platform for informed decision making when it comes to renting items for your needs rather than buying them. To make the experience easy and intuitive, yBuySell offers delivery and pickup of items. Through a smart algorithm, yBuySell arrives at a trust score for each of its user which helps other users identify trustworthy users to transact with. Also, yBuySell records every single transaction done through the portal. All these steps help in avoiding conflicts and providing its users a glitch free experience.

  • Is the service free?

    The service is free for borrowers. yBuySell does not charge any commission to borrowers. Deposit held by yBuySel id fully refundable. If you choose to get the item delivered through us, we will charge a nominal delivery fee.

  • Can I deal with the lender directly? Will you still protect my transaction?

    You can choose to deal with the lender directly. However in this case, yBuySell has neither any control nor access to the details of the transaction.

  • What if I mistakenly delay the return of the item by one day?

    You will be charged additional rent for any delay in returning the item.

  • I am confused. Whom should I get in touch?

    We are just a phone call away! Please call us on +91-7718-849-576 we'd be glad to help!

  • Who delivers the item to me?

    yBuySell offers delivery and pickup of items from your doorsteps with a nominal delivery charge to cover its expenses.

  • Lenders

  • How do I start listing?

    Easy! Just click on Lend Item, add item details like rent, deposit, description, upload a picture and click on Lend Now! yBuySell also lets you upload multiple items at one go. Reason enough to start lending NOW!

  • How do I receive the rent?

    yBuySell will collect rent from the borrower at the time of item delivery. This rent will then be reflected in your yBank. For offline transactions, you can collect the rent directly from the borrower while handing over the item.

  • Is the service free?

    Listing items is absolutely free! yBuySell only charges a minimal commission fee on your rent earned. The commission amount depends on your subscription package.

  • How do I deliver the item to the borrower?

    yBuySell offers you free pickup and delivery of items at your doorsteps. The pickup and delivery will be done at a time most convenient to you.

  • Can I charge a deposit for valuable items?

    Absolutely! We encourage lenders to ask for a deposit amount while lending expensive or fragile items. yBuySell will hold on to the deposit on your behalf, as a third party holding the deposit makes lenders as well as borrowers more comfortable. Few things to keep in mind while asking for a deposit amount would be - the present value of the item, the trust score of the borrower, rent being charged, etc. A point to note is that an unjustifiably high deposit amount might put off potential borrowers.

  • When exactly does the rental period start?

    The rental period starts from the day the item is delivered to the borrower. It ends when the item is picked up from the borrower.

  • What if the borrower damages my item?

    In case the borrower returns your item in a damaged condition you are entitled to received a part or the entire deposit amount depending upon the extent of the damage. Moreover, we recommend giving a negative review to such a borrower which would help us keeping such users away from this platform.

  • What if the item is not returned on the promised date?

    If there is any delay on part of the borrower in returning the item, the borrower would be charged additional rent to the extent of the delay.

  • I am confused. Whom should I get in touch?

    We are just a phone call away! Please call us on +91-7718-849-576 we'd be glad to help!

  • Trust Score

  • General

  • Is there a rental agreement between the lender and the borrower? Is it legally binding?

    Yes, for all practical purposes the transaction is legally protected. In case of a dispute yBuySell shall share all details regarding the transaction with appropriate authorities. Please read terms & conditions here.

  • What if yBuySell damages my item while it is in transit?

    yBuySell has a robust pickup and delivery mechanism where your items are handled by professionally trained staff while in transit. However, we also assure our users that yBuySell takes full responsibility of your items incase there is any damage while in transit.

  • Does yBuySell also undertake deliveries for heavy items like furniture, fridge, television, etc.?

    Currently yBuySell does not offer pickup and delivery for heavy goods. However we do assist in connecting you with movers and packers to help you deliver heavy goods.

  • What if something goes wrong?

    yBuySell was developed in order to promote the idea of collaborative consumption. It encourages an ecosystem of trust and sharing thus helping you save, recycle and contribute to the environment. However, we do understand that things do go wrong even when done with the most honest of intentions. It is thus that we assure our users full cooperation in case of disputes or any other instance that might make our users uncomfortable.

  • Trust Score

  • How do I make people trust me?

    For other users to be able to trust you and transact with you, all you need is a healthy trust score. A good trust score signifies that you are a verified user with a good track record and are most likely to be a responsible lender or borrower. Higher the trust score, more are the chances that other users would trust you and be willing to transact with you.

  • What is verification?

    Verification is a very important part of your overall trust score. For you to be a verified user, you would need to upload certain details which, once verified by yBuySell, will result into your profile being verified. Only verified users would be considered trustworthy by other users.

  • Whom do I get in touch with in case something goes wrong?

    We are just a phone call away! Please call us on +91-7718-849-576 we'd be glad to help!

  • What is my Trust Score

    The composite score arrived at after taking into account your verification, social media presence, payment details, endorsements by other users, reputation, etc. is your Trust Score. yBuySell uses its unique Third Eye algorithm to arrive at your Trust Score. This score is what other users will check before deciding on transacting with you. A good Trust Score indicates a trustworthy user whereas a poor Trust Score indicates that the user is best avoided!